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Les Routières

The Thiérache


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A discovery travel in a marked area, in the middle of a sticky clay landscape of rivers that meander between the bocage to various hedges, with raptors, mistletoe, trees,
green pastures and cows and sheep.

Its old glassworks, foundries, basketry storehouses, barns, watermills… reflect the industrial past, and its numerous fortified churches, with their dungeon, bartizans
and attic for refuge, guaranteed a unique architectural heritage.

The Thiérache, an attractive region, pure, sincere and without fuss... Amelting pot
seek and discover, fot visiting and walking, canoeing on the Oise and the Ton

“La Vannerie” at Les Routières, near Origny-en-Thiérache, is an ideal departure point for these activities. Here you will find the documentation usefull for a pleasant stay.

Some suggestions:

· Restaurants and cafés: do not imagine overcrowded facilities and terraces overflowing. Only a few villages are equipped with a café (Plomion, Harcigny, Wimy…), ideal to explore the history and enjoy a lively conversation...
You will also find restaurants of exception e.g. at Signy-le-Petit (20km), Aubenton (15km) and Burelles (21km) where you book, and other fort also correct and closer.

· Specialities of the region: enjoy the Maroilles and also taste the cider.
These products as well as other local productions are e.g. on sale in
Saveurs et Terroirat La Capelle (15km) and in Jardin de Campagne
at Le
Petit Lugny (16km). Every first friday of the month, from 16-20 pm,
there is a
market of terroir at Vervins (14km)!

· Bike rides: this region is ideal for walks discovered in motorcycle! And you can park your motorcycles safely in our barn and than enjoy a good aperitif in the garden of the hosts.

· Walking: detailed maps at. your disposal!

· The GR122 Hulst (Netherlands)-Tournai (Belgium)-Champagne (France)
goes to Foigny

· The Axe Vert from Guise to Hirson 40km and the Voie Verte du Val de Serre from Montcornet to Résigny 15km, are ancient railway lines, upgraded for walking, mountain biking and horseback riding.

· Mountain biking and Eurovéloroute nr.3: on-site you have 2 mountain bikes at your disposal and also detailed maps.

· Horse riding: 4 circuits (total 38km) with access to Origny. At La Capelle (15km)
the new
Hippodrome invites you to bet in trotting races.

· Canoe and kayak: are passable on the Oise (easy) and Ton (winding).
Starting point
with return-service in Autreppes (11km).