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Les Routières

The Thiérache


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Visites in the vicinity (max 30km):

· The fortified churches are robust buidings, fortified in defense during the 16th end 17th centuries, with dungeons, watchtowers, breteches, loopholes
and attic for refuge
. Some have even ovens, fireplaces anda prison.
There are also Romanesque batismal fonts, as for example at
Rozoy-sur-Serre, Bancigny, Beaurain, Burelles, Chaourse.
has a prison, Jeantes the frescoes by Charles Eyck, Burelles
a « Salle des Juifs » and Parfondeval a timber-framed nave...
Inquire about openings to the public.

· The « Route des Lavoirs » or « Washhouses route »: is tagged. We see different types of washbasins; many are restored as this by Les Routières.

· The bocage: especially direction Wimy, Sorbais, Lerzy, Leschelle...

· The various villages of the Thiérache: the appearance is sometimes as varied and diverse as the stateDiscover Bucilly, Prisces, Archon, Aubenton
Unreal contrast

· Watermills and many oratories

· Barns: rural heritage, “bauchées” or cladded in alder boards on brick plints.
Our barn at Les
Routières has been completely renovated and is mentioned with picture in the guideThe fortified churches in the Thiérache” (Guide de découvertes).

· Pigeon houses and dovecotes such as at Bancigny, Dagny-Lambercy, Prisces…

· The abbeys: Benedictine, Premonstratensians, Cistercians,
or what’s left of rest, as Foigny (3km), Bucilly (11km) and Saint-Michel (12km) with the Musée de la Vie Rurale et Forestière or Museum of Rural life and Forest.