LA VANNERIE (Origny-en-Thiérache)
Les Routiéres Les Routiéres Les Routiéres Les Routiéres



On the edge of Les Routières, the Ton meanders its way through the valley, amidst an undulating green landscape, between valley and hill, hedges and shrubs, cows and sheep, to the tighter Oise.

Here, a microclimate supplemented by very clean airing, dominates the lush growth of lichens.

The green meadows, always moist due to its “impermeable” clay base, ensure a healthy and balanced diet for the many dairy cows whose milk serves as raw material for Maroilles cheese.

Here you will find fruit trees of old French varieties and an immense amount of mistletoe.

Buzzards, kestrels, owls, squirrels and roe also feel at home in this landscape.

Les Routières has neither shops nor a church, so it is an oasis of silence. And you will find a renovated lavoir or public "laundry", which you can reach via a road lined by hedges ...

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32, rue des Routières - F - 02550 Les Routières (Origny-en-Thiérache)
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